About Us

Leadership that helps leaders find leaders.

Company Overview

Our Company  is a formidable player in the global outsourcing business market. We offer a wide basket of offshore services to our clients – from recruiting talent for offices around the world to staff augmentation services to technology & product development teams to hiring experienced international recruiters for assisting onsite hiring teams to boosting brand image to lead generation to business development. Our team works around the clock to ensure that your needs are filled as soon as they arise without adding to your costs. So that you can not only get back to what you do best – working on your big vision – but also get top talent to do the same.


Leading trends and ushering transformation. In a space driven equally by both.

While the talent we bring to your table can transform your organization inside out, we don’t want to restrict ourselves to that narrow goal. As pioneers of talent and HR outsourcing, our larger vision is to revolutionize the recruitment space by helping organizations design, develop and deploy integrated approaches to recruitment, procurement and HR processes that meet their talent mandates in rewarding new ways – globally, sustainably and cost-intelligently. In our bid to extend that mission, we are:

- Our Strategy

60 degree solutions

We address every niche of your hiring spectrum, and well beyond.

Process Driven

Our home-grown methodologies have been fine-tuned over a wide landscape of challenges.

Local Knowledge

Our recruiters come with deep local expertise and networks around the globe.


Our innovative ideas & detailed approach help you fulfill mandates quickly & efficiently.

Trusted Relationships

Most of our clients have been working with us for several years.

We Are About People

We Are About People

At Our Company, we believe that business success is a function of a high calibre workforce. It’s the reason why we make sure that the professionals we employ don’t just come with top-notch credentials in the domain of human capital, but indeed – with their deep local networks, proactive approach and genuine interest in your singular hiring requirements – perform well beyond their specified job descriptions.

We Are About Processes

We Are About Processes

Over the last 10 years of leaving behind a global footprint of paradigm-redefining impact across every conceivable hiring contingency and niche, we have been doing much more than filling positions with the right match. We have been dovetailing unmatched knowledge (of domain trends, global compliance and technology-driven processes), home-grown competencies, big data and human insight to innovate and perfect proprietary methodologies that redefine the way organizations look at talent. And what it can do with it.

We Are About Technology

We Are About Technology

Completing the trifecta of the talent mining exercise – right alongside with the right team and bespoke processes – is mission-critical technology. Our technology agnostic approach and partnership with leading technology companies allows us the privilege of observing the shifting realities or the landscape with dispassionate objectivity, and respond with best-of-breed technologies that best fit for your unique challenge.